Saturday, 12 March 2011

I hate Women, but I like Men

Tadi ngah belek2 email mencri email sahabat lama..terjumpa lah satu email yang tajuknya menarik gak,ni sy pernah hantar pada sahabat tarikhnya December 2008[ huhuhu lama tue]
This is i can consider to call Motivation support lah [Ala..Ala..Gitu] Sangat tak ingat baca kat mana tapi dah jumpa so sy nak share gak lah..


I hate Women, but I like Men

A private secretary was very bitter towards some of the girls in her office because they were gossiping about her, and as she said, spreading vicious lies about her. She admitted that she did not like women. She said, "I hate woman, but I like man." I discovered also that she spoke to the girls who were under her in the office in a very haughty, imperious and irritable tone of voice. She pointed out they took a delight in making things difficult for her. There was a certain pomposity in her way of speaking, and I could see where her tone of voice would affect some people unpleasantly.

If all the people in the office or factory annoy you, isn't it a possibility that the vibration, annoyance, ane turmoil may be due to some subconscious pattern or mental projection from you? We know that a dog will react ferociously if you hate or fear dogs. Animal pick up your subconscious vibrations and react accordingly. Many undisciplined human beings are just as sensitive as dogs, cats and other animals.

I suggested a process of prayer to this secretary who hated women, explaining to her that when she began to identify herself with spiritual values and commenced to affirm the truths of life, her voice, mannerism, and hatred of women would completely disappear. She was surprised to know that the emotion of hatred shows up in a person's speech, actions, in his writings, and in all phases of his life. She ceased reacting in the typical resentful and angry way. She established a pattern of prayer which she practices regularly, systematically, and conscientiously in the office.

The prayer was as follows: "I think, speak, and act lovingly, quietly and peacefully. I now radiate love, peace, tolerance and kindliness to all the girls who criticized me and gossiped about me. I anchor my thoughts on peace, harmony, and good will to all. Whenever I am about to react negatively, I say firmly to myself, 'I am going to think, speak, and act from the standpoint of the principle of harmony, health and peace within myself.' Creative intelligence leads, and guides me in all my ways."

The practice of this prayer transformed her life, and she found that all criticism and annoyance ceased. The girls became co-workers and friends along life's journey. She discovered that THERE IS NO ONE TO CHANGE BUT MYSELF.

(Author : Dr Joseph Murphy - University of India, 1988)

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